21 June 2019 Cancer Sun Reading

Cancer Sun   21st June Time 15 54

Cancer Sun Stars Reading 21 June 2019

A life changing month. Communications are at its highest, as is direction. It’s not easy as so much is coming out of the closet as Neptune reveals news that has been out of our reach.

To top all this we have been shedding our armour month by month and most of us have moved on and now so able to embrace the future.

Everything seems to be highly significant, Mars, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are all at logger heads with one another. While Neptune is revealing much that’s been going on and gets to the heart of the matter and this can only mean challenges and yet so needed to begin a new chapter. You may say ‘how many?’ well you see 2019 is a magnificent changing year, so as many as it takes.

This is our time and this month we will know whats going on behind closed doors, everything is in our face.  The new Moon began with a strong Mercury and if you go back to June it was indeed changing times we needed to get ourselves together to change our lives now this is it. I knew once June is past the our lives will be entirely different because now we see so much more. 

As the Sun moves into Cancer both Mercury and Mars in Cancer are strongly connected. It is very likely that there will be words and challenges, no getting away from this yet will assist so much. Many of us keep things within so we don’t upset anyone yet this month I don’t think this will be possible, so keep this in mind not only that because there are 3 major conjunctions! it’s going to be a whirlwind of challenges all coming from the heart, also major changes globally, its taking place all the time yet this I feel will be a turning point.

The 2nd of July is a total eclipse of the Sun so much is coming out of the dark here to be revealed to us in the following days.

 the 4th July is a major conjunction of Mars and in Leo almost like the King of the castle is doing all he can to retain his throne and yet it’s not going to happen without a fight here that pent up feelings will shed their barriers. Some things need to be said and that’s where the disharmony is coming from and this will clear the way almost like a cleansing.

The 16th July and partial eclipse of the full Moon in Capricorn and major conjunction of Saturn is revealing while the Saturn influence will ground these energies. A major turning point for all of us. Unfortunately not without strife yet we need to fight for our identity to be who we are.

The programming is past as we step into more of who we choose to be. Those that have been waiting for changes for us to move forward – this is it! It began in June and implemented in July/August will see the crowning of the new king as we step into out regency.

The dark of the Moon is on the 30th June Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto are all significant.  Uranus will serve to break any outmoded thought patterns as we open ourselves, new possibilities open to us. Pluto with luck will certainly assist in a transformation So a good time to meditate and see what is revealed to us.  Also note how your feel, and try to write down your dreams so that they can assist and give you some sort of a handle as well as direction, this is our time try to find quiet times also.

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