Taurus Sun Reading 2019

Sun moves into Taurus – Star of the Month Taurus

With Saturn/Moon conjunction and close association with Pluto each month releasing barriers we each create is now beginning to show us more of ourselves, so coupled with what’s taking place now it’s almost as if we are breaking new frontiers.
These are amazing times with Uranus in Taurus changing the very foundation of our lives both personal and global. Uranus represents change and disruption and in Taurus ruled by Venus represents money, how we earn it and changes here. It gives us an unprecedented opportunity concerning lifestyle and income. With everything in the flux of change it also enhances the way we make a living and it’s an opportunity to view options the way we do this.
Change is upon us all and can be rewarding, however, if we don’t utilise this change it may make a change for us which is disruptive. Uranus links with the Sun and represents our heart’s desire to make manifest some long-awaited dream which at this time it can be made fairly easily. However, if you are not for change then this transit can be an upheaval as this energy needs to manifest somewhere. It’s like a brilliant Ariel drawing this magnificent energy to us that will support us, to integrate this energy within also, so it’s a time of big opportunity for us all. This is further emphasised by Jupiter giving us vision and expansion in our chosen field. See how it goes you may well find that things that have been difficult to get off the ground now just flows. However, with all things, it’s an idea to pace yourself so you don’t flag in energy when you just need it most.


Star of the month Taurus
Since early March you may have felt a kind of edge in life like there’s more to you than you thought possible. Taurus likes to feel comfortable and works hard to get things this way, so life can be relaxing. However due to this huge planetary change of Uranus in your birth sign and coupled with the Sun brings opportunities untold plus Venus linking to Mercury there’s going to be a great deal to talk about, either with friends or professionals in preparation for what is to come.
This is your time to shine to try your hand at something new, it may well be options available to what you already have so not too drastic and yet brings in so many possibilities and opportunity to add something you have had on your mind. It may be a little outrageous a dream a feeling that wasn’t possible before. What is it that you really want? It’s up to you now everything is ready, all you need is to implement it and see how it grows and blossoms.

Aries With Mercury and Venus both close and Mars in Gemini is going to stimulate all action so be careful and watch your energy and possibly how you voice your] words as the temp of this energy is fast. Mars opposes Jupiter and you may have to listen to advice if on a professional matter. it’s only hard as you want things done fast, so try to cultivate patience however the good news is the energy of Uranus/Sun in the money sector emphasising the opportunity to start or resurrect a business opportunity or venture.


Gemini `With Mars opposes Jupiter in your birth sign the energy is fast, it’s your style but I would say try to be patient it feels here that you may have to listen or answer of someone in authority, so do take care as it likely something that you wasn’t aware of may come up that gives you the missing link to something, so much going on here may be some sound advice. The Saturn Pluto conjunctions taking place have been challenging, however, it’s revealing so many new possibilities, the Sun/Uranus conjunction is in your 12th house so do listen to inspiration feelings and go with these as they hold untold opportunities and surprises.

Cancer. Pluto and Saturn are in your opposite sign of Capricorn, making this challenging yet creating a change within that gives you more of what you desire rather than what’s expected from you. The Moon links well with Neptune allowing those inner desires to manifest, and opportunity to grow to broaden skills seems more than likely this may well be with others that hold the same ideas and ideals as yourself, or something that has been said that leads you to action whichever way it is there’s an opportunity now to grow and break new ground especially if its creative.

Leo. Saturn and Pluto have been active in your house of work stripping away conditions you felt were necessary now you know different. While the Sun/ Uranus conjunction is in your 10th house of work so it’s your time to shine, whatever is in the core of your being is now finding ways to express itself.
Jupiter also links to Uranus/Sun so you have a double whammy of expansion plus the confidence to see a creative venture through, it’s all happening though it’s an idea to watch your energy so you can count on it when needed.

Virgo With so much activity in your 5th house of creativity stripping away illusions and seeing life the way it is gives you more purpose and clarity. Mercury in your 8th house of shared resources linked with the Moon gives you emotional contentment and more structure concerning finance, while the Uranus/Sun conjunctions in your 9th house give you greater insight and vision. It’s certainly a good idea to note your feelings inspiration so give more clarity. The 9th house also represents overseas and long distance travel, it’s possible you may have of something abroad or some connections there whatever it is it’s likely to make some sort of impact, go with your feelings.

Libra Many changes on a domestic level, stripping away barriers bring now insight to what is available. Moon in 2nd house links to Mercury in 7thhouse so there is quite a bit of communication here all in a good way. There seems to be some uncertainty about money and communications along these lines are likely, the Sun/Uranus conjunction takes place in your 8th house of joint ventures removing this uncertainty and creating a feeling of confidence so troubles are laid aside as you venture into new share prospects.


Scorpio. With the Moon in your birth sign it’s going to be an emotional month full of surprises if you have something on your mind it’s a good idea to go for it. Jupiter is supporting you so it’s certainly within your capabilities a time to expand like never before. Your ruling planet in Gemini opposes Jupiter so if you’re a professional its likely there will be connections to some sort of legalities, if not then its likely someone will give you advice of you will. Jupiter in your 2nd house shows the possibility of making big money, if so its likely thought the public is some way as the big conjunctions this month so Sun/Uranus in your 7th house so it’s a Wow!

Sagittarius. With Jupiter in your 1st house you can’t go far wrong, everything is fast including communications this links to something creative, and the possibility for this manifesting to make this a lucrative income. The only thing you need to watch is your energy as this month may leave you feeling tired.
Saturn/Pluto conjunction has been at work in your 2nd house of possessions and ancestry and some if this has been released due to barriers old way of views life to make it your own. Now is you time.

Capricorn. Capricorns have found the conjunctions challenging and yet with the entrance of Uranus into Taurus followed now with the Sun and very well connected will bring untold opportunities and will over time break new ground and shine in a new venture of opportunity for something creative. It also shakes up the way we live to do things differently. Jupiter in your 12th house works as a guardian angel overseeing you to get things right. This is your time.

Aquarius. If you have been feeling prompt to make changes it’s an idea to go with feelings, its very likely these take place on a domestic level, changing thing around, updating, moving so many changes around the home. This feelings in connections to those you meet on a level that you are all connected, its likely there will be discussions along these lines to benefit all. This feels like something= almost delicate yet possibilities are endless.

Pisces With Neptune and Venus both in your 1st house it’s may create a possibility that you didn’t feel was possible before. Some Friendships have flourished while others have not, this is one of the functions of the Saturn Pluto conjunctions and leave you feeling much easier.
Now you meet for mutual interest and feels good with opportunities simply by giving you import and listening. There are some big changes with friends short and emotional bonds all in your best interest.

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