Mars opposes the Goddess Athena

This Moon has been powerful beyond words, energies are rising daily creating an awareness that is just so powerful.  If you look to world affairs everything is being revealed, almost nowhere to hide.

So it is with us also that any problems we may have are difficult to sweep to the side. Therefore we need to deal with them as the new Moon is the pinnacle of all of this.

Many changes are on the horizon just look to the sky, it’s lighter the Sun is so strong. Those that take the time to check this out especially around sunset will see so many colours around the Sun and within.


Today Mars opposes the Goddess Athena the Goddess of wisdom and Mars thinks he will win yet with all his valour it’s almost impossible to win as the stage has already been set. The new Moon in Leo unseats the old king, he’s tired in the Arthurian mythology and has done his bit in the past,  and a now a new King takes his place, full of loving compassion for his people.

Newness is coming into our lives as never before.  New ideas, new prosperity and new technology once all is settled, so much awaits us.

What can we do for ourselves, in order to be ready, we need to eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, exercise and walks in the fresh air.

This is our time the new Moon is going to change so much, so try if you can to be ready.


Val Georgiou  2nd August 2018

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