Call from the Goddess – Time to Remember

Once There Was A Girl Who Knew Who She Was

She knew the Great Mother, heard Her in the breeze, was warmed by Her fire, saw Her in the land and felt Her magic in the water.

She knew the beat of the Earth, the rhythm of the Moon and the whispers of the Stars, she knew that she was a perfect piece of the whole.

She knew that love was precious. A powerful force, an energy to protect, defend and honor.  Knew that love is the force of creation.

She knew that she could lend her strength and light to those who were weaker than herself.

She knew that she could protect and defend. In times of troubles her sword was held ready.

She knew how to nurture, to live in harmony with the cycles of the land and to celebrate in times of peace.

She knew that she was all she needed to be and met each moment with courage and joy, knowing that each struggle gave a gift of wisdom.

She knew she was bright beyond measure, she knew who she was, a child of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Remember the Great Mother from times before, She who has many names, who you have served many times.

Remember the time of the great circle. When you heard Her voice and read Her signs and were guided by the divine.

Remember when you saw Her in everyone and everything, knew that we were all part of the same thread that ties the Earth to the Stars.

Remember when you knew your power, when you knew that wishes from your heart-song sowed the seeds of tomorrow.

Remember when you trusted your inner voice. When you knew you were strong  and that everything you needed was within you.

Remember when you stood proud and bright and those of the shadows could not bear to be near you.

Remember when you sat at the Henge long ago and wondered how you would serve the Great Mother in the future.

Now is time to heal the link to the great Mother. Light a candle and see each flame pierce the darkness that binds her, a light that illuminates the truth.

Now is the time of blessings, when you see water send your love and thanks to the Mother.  The rivers and oceans are carrying dreams, wishes, sacred knowledge and love to all.

Now is the time that the Great Mother cries for your sword of light to free her from those that desecrate Her.  Join and add your power with those that fight for light.

Now is the time to act. The wishes of your soul shine from your heart and lighten your whole self. You become a conduit of light, know that each step heals the Mother and creates a path of light.

Now is the time of destiny, remember how powerful you are, know that you can make a difference. All you need is within you, listen to the whispers of the Great Mother and dream mightily, for each heartfelt wish becomes a lantern in the darkness.

Now is the time to be bright, live your truths and defend the weak. To stand together as sisters with our Mother. The circle made whole.

Now is the time to remember who you are, a child of the Great Mother. Step forward with purpose and power, stand for love, light and truth. In this now you are all you have ever been and more……….an emissary of the Great Mother herself.

Maria Fisk 29/3/2018

Over time darkness has desecrated our Earth. We live in a time of war. A war for the souls of the human race.  We are powerful creatures us humans, our capacity for love, our free will sets us apart from others.  We are God/dess’s in the making and over time we have forgotten who we are.

We live in a world where the richest and most powerful organisations have given much power (maybe even the greatest) to the darkness that feeds on the innocent.  Evil’s best tools is to hide behind the mask of respect and thrives in complacency.

In today’s society, the truth is emerging, the illusions cast by those that serve the darkness are falling away, true faces are being revealed.  There is no such thing as ‘ignorance is bliss’.  Know that ignorance serves the darkness.

This is a time of destiny,  the end of one Aeon and the emergence of the new. One person praying is a noise, two people then maybe you can hear  a whisper but when there is a group of voices, bonded together in service to love, then that voice is the roar of the lion that cannot be ignored.

Light that candle and see its light freeing the Goddess, walk the Earth and see yourself as column of light connecting the Earth and the Stars.  Bless the water with love and thanks.  Do not underestimate the power of a heart felt prayer.  Little by little and soon there is a lot!

You are born now because your soul is strong, because you agreed to fight the fight, because you knew that inside you, you have the power, the experience of past lives and determination to make a difference.