In the cycle of reincarnation we make the journey from young to hopefully wiser soul.  We incarnate with a set of promises to ourselves, what we will learn and the path we take. We are not perfect though our imperfections make us perfect – they shape us.

We can get things wrong or make decisions that unfortunately can harm another.  Everyone in their past lives has dark deeds as well as brave acts.  Karma is not a punishment, until you can understand something it remains unseen. When you understand that you are part of a greater whole and that we are all connected then you would not wish to harm another, you would know that harming another is to harm yourself.

We are creatures of light first but once in a body it’s easy to take a wrong turn that can then take you on a different road.  Fears seem bigger than the right thing to do, jealousy, the list goes on.  Also in the past we have always done as we have been told, followed procedure, conform, do our best to fit in to the hierarchy of society.  We punish ourselves with disappointments and fears.  Each negative acts as a block. We stopped following the song of our hearts and intellectualised everything.  This has had major repercussions for the whole race.

Emotions unchecked seem to be the root of many karmic events: afraid to say the right thing, wanting control over another, interfering with free will, greed, crimes of passion!  The lessons that involve karma are difficult and often full of sorrow.

Pain  pushes you forward, it is a ‘breaker of chains’ you are in a situation that you cannot escape. These are the times that you are forced to examine, think and move on in a positive way. Though these times are always tough they eventually bring great and wonderful gifts.  Gifts of healing, freedom from guilt and clarity due to perspective.

Karma removes the blockages so that love can flow freely.   Embrace life’s lessons bravely, you can’t escape them, befriend hindsight and be gentle with what you see.  ~ Maria

2 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Solomon

    Do you have any suggestions for creating posts?
    That’s where I always battle and I simply end up looking vacant display for very long time.

    1. Maria Post author

      I guess follow your heart song and don’t let your intellect interfere and put out the fires of inspiration.

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