Gifts from the Moon Goddess

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Vassoulla Georgiou Spiritual Moon Guide

The Moon glows in the night sky reflecting the Sun in all his glory, just as we reflect the Moon each of us in our own individual way.   It is through the Moon that we have the opportunity to feel her different shifts and shapes of her cycle.

The Moon gives us a chance to tap into  and resonate with her energy. Each Lunar cycle gives us a chance to feel her energy and a new impulse that she brings to us as a seed to feel, and grow.

The whole idea is for us to understand just how we each feel in such a way we can then become more conscious raise our vibrations and become at one with our Sun signs.     Cycle by cycle we are given the chance to expand our emotional cycle.  This guide helps you to make the most of each Moon cycle. – Vassoulla Georgiou