Birthstones from the past life of a Mayan Priestess

Grace Cooke was an English medium.  One of the books that she wrote was ‘The Illumined Ones’   In This Grace Cooke tells of two of her lives spent in service to the Great White Brotherhood.  The first as a Mayan Princess who initiates into the Brotherhood.  The second story of her life as an Egyptian, again in service to the White Brotherhood.

On page 49 there is a list of birthstones, the planet and zodiac correspondences from the Mayan lifetime.

  • Sun   – Gold and Rubies
  • Moon – Silver
  • Jupiter – deep blue Sapphire
  • Venus – Turquoise
  • Saturn – Emerald
  • Mars – Amethyst
  • Mercury – Orange fire stone

This is information from one of Grace Cooke’s past life as a Mayan Princess/Priestess.