Virgo/Pisces Full MOON

Full Pisces Moon 16th Sep 16 – Time 19hours 05 min

Moon Astrology Readings by
Moon Astrology Readings by

The energies are enormous, providing us with ample energy to move forward with our  goals, everything should now be in its place. Now we are able to  bring together are hopes and dreams  to make them a reality.

There’s are no more hold ups, no waiting this is NOW our time. to follow our hearts, and know that instinctively we are spot on.

Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd Sep giving us the opportunity to check over details while lots of information still coming together.

Neptune is sensitive, try not to let others take advantage,  Whatever it is your working towards know that communications are now coming in the fullness of this full Moon  “Be aware” is what I would say, although all is set,  listen with your heart.

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