Virgo Moon

Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

Virgo Moon 2nd Sep

2nd Sep An extremely potent Moon,

Today the Moon connects to Jupiter/Mercury, so much is going on and everything is in the flux of change.

A new moon always release’s a new seed of awareness, to broaden our skills, intuition, or help in some way.

Look to see what you have been working on, if we look at the whole year it’s been heavy, if we look at the last couple of months we were asked to centre on family, (Cancer Moon) then centre within, our heart centre, to feel what is right for us (Leo Moon)

This moon is now asking, helping- guiding life to get all in order, IF YOU CAN place experience where it can benefit, rather than bring you down.  We all need to be free of the past, this is what this year is about.

A Virgo Moon will help you sort out many things and prepare you for what is to come FREEDOM.