Jupiter enters Libra


Jupiter in Libra is going to be a mind bender, as Jupiter takes his place upon the scales of justice.  Everything needs to be reformed within our lives from the past to the future to move forward unpresented.

This is now our time, changes we have already made have laid security in our lives.

It’s been such an effort though and whatever is needed will now manifest without too much effort.

This past year has been quite challenging as we have managed to view our feelings, our way of life, to find a place where these can at last now rest secure in the fact that they have now out grown its usefulness and can now be used as experience.

As Jupiter now takes his majestic place within the scales of justice we will see his command in every layer of our being, where ever there has been discord we can now find peace, balance and harmony, all that Libra stands for, but don’t forget the scales are easily swayed everything has to be in balance and harmony for this to work out for our highest good.

Jupiter begins his journey nestled between Venus in Libra and Mercury in Virgo so we have both these energies lending a hand, Mercury is happy to assist Jupiter with communications while Venus is in her natural house creating balance and harmony, social gatherings, relationships Venus also stands for money, and we should find some balance here, especially if money has been a problem.  So these energy will influence the rest of the year and most of 2017, in the area of fairness for all,  as well as professional’s medical system we may find the alternative and healing begin to take part in hospitals , legal system and people coming together for the greater good.

Don’t forget Libra is easily swayed so don’t take anything for granted, all it takes is a feather.  I feel we will all be much more conscious of what we say or think.  Harmony and Balance and Peace is what this sign stands although we have to work at it.  Nothing comes from nothing but loving kindness comes from Venus while Wisdom comes Jupiter.

We definitely need to be flexible with this sign bear that in mind to keep the harmony, and go with the flow

Vassoulla~ 7/7 16

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