Happy New Year

20140329_181300Wishing Universal Peace, Love, Light, and Unity to be with us all.

2015 was a tough year and the Paris attacks on the 13 th November sowed seeds of darkness far and wide.  It was as if the death and destruction of that terrible night filled the universal subconscious with fears and illusions, empowering the darkness.  In my meditations I’m seeing a cloak of darkness covering the earth, then seeing all these people shining their own light and that light then pierces the darkness.  As we all connect the darkness isn’t covering the earth any more. We’ve transformed it.

For myself even with all the atrocious things that are happening around our planet, there is such light. With love, hope, determination and faith we will bring this forth.

I think 2016 will be tough with many tribulations, but with each other connecting, adding our voices together we will make a difference.  Make sure you spend time with people you love.  Friends are what help us over our troubled times, make you laugh when you feel low.  Fr
ends are what keep us going in the right direction.