The Power of the Now

meditationIt’s about each of us and the power that we use wisely or foolishly.  We as people have so much to give, to share and yet we are surrounded by illusions and darkness.
Living in the now is a hard thing to do, isn’t it?  It means being at one with yourself, so that past pain can’t taint your view, taking the time to take a breath and really listening to your own inner voice as well as listening to others.
Fear…………….. without realising it gets me every time, instead of believing I can do something I start worrying, guessing and just destroy the natural creative urges I have (lol not being rude!).  There is that heart song that we all have, and all our songs are unique, so you have your song, your niche of making what ever that maybe, and in doing so you keep that positive vibration, create and attract more positive energy and keep you moving forward in tune with yourself and the universe.
Do I do this? No instead of listening to my inner voice I start to try and reason, and with reason comes doubts.  Then the doubts create dark spots in your energies and then they act like portals and more negativity comes in and the downward spiral begins.
I love myself………well, I accept myself and my personality!  You have to know me to understand that one!  Approach life as ‘the Fool’ where everything is new and wonderful, because each moment is unique but live as ‘the Hierophant’  take time to think and see all perspectives.
Taking time to meditate or pray keeps yourself connected to you as well as the divine.  For myself meditation gives me that calm inner peace, which is especially wonderful as I’m triple fire.
Living in the now, is the most powerful place to be, the past can not hold us back and our dreams and wishes can manifest one step at a time.