Staying Light

The fight to stay ‘light’ can be a huge battle some days and it is very easy to spiral into negativity.

Interactions with some people bring light and happiness, some people are just so fun to be with and then there are the other type!  People whose ego’s are running around like rabid beast biting everybody and infecting people with ‘little nasties’.  Sometimes you can feel you are surrounded!

If living in the now is the only thing we have then staying positive is essential.  If we are not centered then that is when we usually when we make bad choices, say things we do not mean, and generally make a mess of all  that is good in our lives.  Lets face it, we have all done this, its part of our learning cycle but we don’t have to repeat it once the lesson has been learned.

Weapons of light that keep you happy and on a higher vibe come in many forms. Music and making things does it for me.

Anything that makes you happy could be considered a ‘light weapon’.  Now that brings certain things to mind and if running around naked on a rainy day makes your day light, then go for it, just do it in your garden or somewhere really secluded, just don’t get arrested!

Essential Oils

These are really good at lifting your spirits and keeping you in a positive mood.  For women that are really stressed out: Rose, Neroli, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang are a really good at lifting depression.

Lavender is just fantastic at keeping nightmares at bay and keeping you safe from other peoples negativity. This oil is surprisingly powerful and good at keeping nasties away!

Frankincense and Sandalwood are good for men.