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The Circle Newsletter

Working with Colour – Each colour/ray of light has its own area of expertise and corresponds to a major chakra in the body. Purposely working with colour is a way of supporting and empowering yourself.  We are walking rainbows after all!

Colour/Ray Chakra Energies
Red Base Power, dynamic, vibrant, energiser, colour of the warrior
Orange Sacral Connects and blends energies of base and solar plexus. Helps to be confident on a social level
Yellow Solar Plexus Science, clear perspective, where you connect on a social level
Green Heart Balance, grounding, good to wear when there is emotional upheaval. Healing.
Blue Throat Kindness, care, calming, colour of the mother.
Indigo Third Eye Spiritual vision, dreams, the sight, see that which is normally hidden.
Violet Crown Spiritual colour good for meditation.
Silver – colour of the Moon, female in energy aids psychic development.  Gold – colour of the Sun, dynamic, strong & confident.
Turquoise – wear when stressed.  Peach gives feeling of emotional security.  Purple – colour of power, good for business meetings. Rose is has the power of red though much more gentle force. Black – protective, worn when change is occurring. White – purity.