Tarot is an ancient symbolic system of all that is.  A book of the Universe unbound.  The Tarot is the Kabbalah, sometimes known as the tree of life.  Tarot can be been traced back to the ancient temple of Dendera in Egypt.  The cards themselves can be traced back to 1500 AD in Italy.

The Kabbalah is an ancient philosophy that works with the idea that we are the microcosm to the macrocosm of the Universe.

That within each person is a divine spark, God/dess within and with life’s lessons that bring balance of the self.  That there is a purpose and reason to all things. When you are at one with yourself, which is essentially being comfortable in your own skin and shining your own light.  (The only thing we can do!)

So Tarot can be used to pinpoint which influences are around and helps to identify forces at work.  The cards can’t save us or circumvent life experience.  Used wisely we can use it as a signpost and guide, a tool to give perspective.

We as humans have free will and we create our own future by our actions of today.  Sometimes we get stuck, sometimes we have leaps of wisdom.

The Tarot deck is divided into the Minor and Major arcana. The Majors consists of twenty two cards numbered from 0 – 21.  And the Minors are divided into suits of the elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air each suit has an ace -10 as well as the character architypes of the suit.