Dreams are a mixture of the mundane and the profound. When you have a dream that feels special it leaves you will a feeling that stays with you. You feel as if you are blessed.

I have been interpreting dreams and symbols for thirty years now. (OMG where do the years go?) Some dreams stand out for me.

When people lose someone important to them then sometimes in dreams they are given the opportunity to meet again and say their good byes. Not really a goodbye but maybe acceptance that those that they loved has crossed over, giving the person that is still living and the person that crossed over to be free to keep on progress. Those that pass away, cross over, or go back home and (favorite saying) need to be free to keep working and loving.

The dream world is our private area of being where we see that is given to us from our soul. We live in a mundane world that doesn’t hold any spiritual meaning.

In dreams all those negative thoughts, or worries that eat away at the inspiration that your heart gives has no place. Dreams are messengers, warnings, a recap and sometimes a space for the mundane and divine to meet.

If you have a special dream there is no mistaking it, so yes that dream that left you feeling inspired and blessed is exactly that.

Maria x